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26 Apr 2024  (3309 Views) 
Tan Kin Lian - Perspectives

Trusted messages
I will be submitting a proposal to GovTech to set up a trusted digital hub (TDH) platform.

It allows registered users to receive trusted messages (in PDF or text) from govt agencies and commercial organizations in TDH. Only approved organizations can send messages to TDH.

There is no need for the users to log into the individual servers of the organizations to retrieve their messages. This current method of access is quite troublesome.

As the users can access the messages in TDH, they do not need to be reminded by emails or SMS to retrieve their messages. Scammers have exploited this system by sending fake emails and SMS, and tricked the public to log into the links to a fake website (also known as a phishing website). The scammer captured the login credential of the user and used the credentials to access the actual websites.

By using TDH, the users avoid the risk of being scammed.

I will suggest that TDH be provided as an option to users who are interested to use it. Those who prefer the current arrangement are not required to move to TDH. However, I am convinced that more users will use TDH over time, as they will it to be more convenient and secure.

The user of TDH only need to login to the platform once a day, using a biometric verification on the phone (similar to Singpass) and see all the messages from the approved organizations. It is similar to receiving the physical mails from these organizations at their home or mail address.

Tan Kin Lian

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